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Charcoal Teeth Whitening Powder, Natural Activated Charcoal Coconut Shells Safe Effective Tooth Whitener


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• Can also be used as a face mask

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More and more often the media gets the question how good or bad activated charcoal is. Wonder product, trend or poison are usually the headlines with which activated charcoal is associated. But what can we believe now? We have done some research for you and in this blog post we’ll provide the answer!

What is actually “activated charcoal”, which is used for cosmetic and health purposes?

Activated charcoal got its use as a remedy against digestive problems more than 2000 years ago by Egyptian medicine writers. Due to its binding structure, activated charcoal is probably still known today mainly in gastrointestinal medicine. However, activated charcoal has proven to be capable of much more. Due to this binding structure activated charcoal is detoxifying. Under the microscope, activated charcoal looks like a sponge. You can imagine that this sponge absorbs everything that is harmful to the body. Experts and doctors talk about an antibacterial effect.

In summary, activated charcoal, also called medical charcoal, is a fine-grained and porous type of carbon with a large internal surface area, and is mainly regarded as an absorbent in the medical, cosmetics and chemical industries.

How activated charcoal is made?

There are many different methods of producing activated charcoal. Both vegetable and animal as well as mineral and petrochemical processes are usual here. This shows that activated charcoal is not always of natural origin.

The process of Royal Prestige activated charcoal is got exclusively natural. Here we get completely free of both animal and chemically produced activated charcoal!

The manufacturing process at Royal Prestige is as below:

The inner of the coconuts, which have served to produce consumer goods such as food and cosmetics, one removes the outer shell. This shell gets burned in a process lasting several hours, at high temperatures, with special Japanese stones. The resulting product already bears the name activated charcoal. This product is then ground until it is around the size of a grain of dust, i.e. less than 0.1 mm.