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FungiCure Medicated Anti-Fungal Jock Itch Wash


Product Highlights

  • Jock itch treatment for the shower: ideal for athletes and active lifestyles
  • Fungus remedy without prescription: FUNGICURE Medicated anti-fungal wash is an over the counter anti-fungal soap 
  • FUNGICURE Medicated anti-fungal wash is a homeopathic formulation made with Sepia 12x and tea Tree oil.
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Effective jock itch relief

Relieve the itch you’re not supposed to scratch with Medicated FUNGICURE Anti-Fungal Wash

Alleviating down there irritation doesn’t have to mean messing around with powders or adding a dozen steps to your daily routine. Medicated FUNGICURE Anti-Fungal Wash can be used daily – just like body wash – allowing you to fight fungal infections without sacrificing convenience.


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