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Nighttime Renewal Fungal Nail Patches – 14 Patch


Product Highlights

  • Premium nail repair for nail fungus damage: The first and only nail treatment for fungal nail damage that works while you sleep; from the doctor recommended brand shown to improve the appearance of fungus damaged nails
  • Restore to reveal healthier-looking nails: Pronail nighttime patches deeply penetrate, moisturize and exfoliate the nail plate to reduce discoloration, help normalize thickness and smooth the nail
  • We’ve got you covered: The average prescription nail fungus treatment is not formulated to improve the appearance of the nail, however Pronail patches are specially designed to restore a healthy nail appearance
  • The hygienic patches are easy to apply and stay in place to ensure continuous 6-8-hour nail care
  • It is recommended to apply before bedtime for 3-6 months for continued nail treatment; patches may be used during the day if more convenient; see packaging for full details and instructions
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See a visible difference in your nails with Pronail Fungal Nail Renewal Nighttime Nail Repair Patches. Pronail Nighttime Fungal Nail Renewal Patches help improve the appearance of nails that are damaged by fungus. These fungal nail patches work while you sleep, up to 8 continuous hours, deeply penetrating the nail to reduce discoloration and thickness, revitalize brittle nails and improve overall appearance. It helps to reduce discoloration and thickness, and hydrate and exfoliate brittle nails to soften and loosen the damaged layer. Cover each nail with these nail stickers for 6-8 hours.


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