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FUNGICURE Intensive Spray, Antifungal Treatment


Product Highlights

  • Stop the fungus fast: FUNGICURE Intensive Anti-Fungal Treatment Liquid helps relieve the itching, burning, cracking, & discomfort of finger & toe fungus. Convenient spray eliminates exposed nail-bed fungus & allows for natural re-growth of healthy tissue
  • Easy to use: Our Intensive Anti-Fungal Treatment Liquid helps halt the growth and reproduction of fungal cells on toes and fingers–including on the skin around nail edges & under nail tips to help treat & eliminate discomfort. Easy-use pump spray bottle
  • Ditch the socks worn to conceal embarrassing finger & toe fungus. Help relieve the cracking, burning, itching & discomfort. FUNGICURE Intensive Anti-Fungal Spray delivers medication directly to infections for effective treatment
  • Start treatment now! Fungal infections on your toes won’t clear up overnight, and non-drug treatments can let the infection fester. Plus, promptly treating fungus between toes can help prevent spread of infection to the toenails
  • Leading producer: Alva-Amco is a leading U.S. Producer of specialty non-prescription pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements, and skin care products. Alva-Amco has a history of product innovation, quality & consumer satisfaction in over the counter products
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Maximum Strength FUNGICURE Intensive Anti-Fungal Treatment

Treating hard to reach toe areas can be inconvenient, and that inconvenience can interrupt the regular treatment regimen that’s important for curing fungal infections. FUNGICURE Intensive offers a maximum strength anti-fungal in a non-aerosol pump spray. It’s convenient and less messy than using a cream and won’t overspray like one can experience with aerosols.


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