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Polygonum Multiflorum Shampoo Soap, Black and Thick Hair Polygonum Soap Bar


SKU: 237bbba64848

Product Highlights

✔ Polygonum Soap: Contains extracts of polygonum multiflorum, strengthens hair roots, revitalises new hair. Polygonum multiflorum is an expensive Chinese herbal medicine that has the functions of nutritious essence, nutritious blood, black hair and strengthening the hair roots. Good for hair growth.

✔ BLACK HAIR SHAMPOO BAR: Our hair soap contains valuable medical materials such as polygonum multiflorum, which can reactivate hair pigment cells and melanocytes. This shampoo soap is made with all-natural ingredients, it is chemical-free, dyes and protects hair follicles and scalp from irritation.

✔ Anti-hair loss hair soap: effectively prevents hair loss by promoting blood circulation to the scalp, stimulates the growth of hair follicles and binds the hair roots to the he shou wu shampoo soap within two weeks while moisturising and repairing hair damage.

✔ Strong cleaning: easy to foam, strong cleaning power, can remove dandruff, clean the stains on the hair, keep the scalp fresh, care for the hair in all directions, and give it healthy, supple and beautiful hair.

✔ Widely used: He shou wu shampoo soap can effectively promote hair growth. Perfect choice for men and women with hair loss.

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