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Clear Passage Extra Strength Nasal Strips 50 Ct, Nasal Dilators for Men & Women, Anti Snoring, Instant Congestion Relief for Cold & Allergy, Improves Sleep, Better Performance, for Day & Night, Black


SKU: a60d1575d287

Product Highlights

  • PROVIDES INSTANT RELIEF – Instantly opens nasal passageways to improve airflow, making it easier to breathe, reduce snoring while sleeping, and relieve nasal congestion caused on by the common cold or allergies. Each box contains 50pcs of 2.5 X 0.9 inches nasal strips.
  • SMART-FLEX PATENTED TECHNOLOGY – When compared to the top brand, our patented technology provides 20% more superior hold and 20% more coverage where it is most needed.
  • IMPROVES PERFORMANCE WITH 50% STRONGER LIFT – To help you breathe even better, these strips has 50% stronger lift than the regular nasal strips. These nasal strips have an adhesive backing that clings to the back of your nose and produces a little air pocket against the bridge of your nose, allowing you to breathe better through your nasal passages during sleep and even during workouts.
  • A PERFECT CHOICE FOR YOUR EVERYDAY NEEDS- Improves overall performance by increasing oxygen intake; ideal for everyday use. It helps reduce congestion that occurs frequently during sleep or exercise. This increases the amount of oxygen in your bloodstream, allowing you to quickly recover from workouts. It keeps air passageways open, making it ideal for overnight use so you can get a better night’s sleep and feel completely rested in the morning.
  • SAFE & EASY TO USE – These nasal strips can be worn at night, throughout the day, or while exercising. These adhesive strips fit easily in your nose and stay in place gently. When you feel better, simply remove it without leaving any sticky residue on your nose. To use: 1. Clean skin. 2. Center nasal strip over bridge of nose. 3. Press and hold for 30 seconds.
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How To Use Clear Passage Nasal Strips

Watch the video above and follow the directions to correctly apply Clear Passage nasal strips and to learn more about them.

Clear Passage Extra Strength Nasal Strips are the best option for people who want to increase airflow through their nose when exercising, reducing snoring while sleeping, or just doing daily tasks. With SMART-FLEX PATENTED TECHNOLOGY, our strips have a stronger grip and a larger coverage area. In comparison to the standard nasal strips, we additionally offer a 50% stronger lift. We are the most reliable manufacturer of superior anti-snoring nasal strips. We contribute in the treatment of breathing problems, the relief of congestion caused by colds and allergies, the decrease of nighttime nasal snoring, and the promotion of quality sleep. These nasal strips, which are typically made of sanitary materials, will provide immediate relief if you have snoring or breathing problems while sleeping; clogged sinuses; or congestion caused by nasal allergies or colds, or any other condition that makes it difficult to breathe. These are specifically designed to naturally reduce nasal congestion while posing no health risks.