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Exfoliating Heel Mask (1 Pair) – Foot Peeling Masks


SKU: 896562ceeaed

Product Highlights

  • Effective Foot Mask Contains Nourishment That Can Be Absorbed Into The Deepest Layers of The Skin: Unlike traditional feet masks that only treat the surface layer and still leave your skin dry, Purederm Foot Heel Peeling mask works down to the deepest layer of the skin and easily moisturizes and exfoliates dead skin, cracked heels, and callused feet. Intensive care exclusively for the heel
  • Vegan Formula & Not Tested On Animals: It’s perfect for your sensitive skin and it’s made for all skin types – Peppermint, menthol, and fruit extracts naturally peel away heel calluses – Urea and AHA moisturize and soften dry skin to feel soft like a baby’s foot – Purederm foot peeling masks gently remove calluses from your heel to break up the dead skin for painless removal
  • A special Air-Shell Structure Developed After Extensive Research: Heel Softening Pad with air-shell structure and waterproof Protecting Fabric help to absorb all of the essence without evaporation, resulting in an immediate softening effect – It is a triple care mask that provides three effects simultaneously: Ultra Softening + Hydrating + Nourishing
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An exclusive heel mask for callus care that removes stubborn dead skin from the heels!

Exfoliating Heel Mask provides intensive care to the heel area, where calluses are often problematic, and returns it to an elegant and smooth condition like a baby’s foot It is a triple care mask that provides three effects simultaneously: skin exfoliation + skin softening + moisture soothing

Intensive exfoliation directed on the desired area

Solution for exfoliation care

Exclusively for heels

 Freedom of movement from the special protecting fabric

Solution for exfoliation care

Removes calluses from troublesome areas without exfoliating unnecessary places

Exclusively for heels

Shaped to fit your heel, apply the pads, put the protecting fabric over them, and you’re done! Makes your heels soft and smooth in just two weeks

Freedom of movement from the special protecting fabric

The protecting fabric prevents the ingredients from leaking, allowing you to go about your day after use