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Firming and Shaping Contouring Moisturizing Body Wrap. New improved all natural anti cellulite solution (5 WRAPS)


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Product Highlights

BODY WRAP – Shape and Tone proudly presents our Shape and Tone Body Wrap which features a new and improved solution. Our body wrap firms and shapes in one easy to use contouring wrap which leaves your skin looking and feeling great
SPA LUXURY AT HOME – save money on expensive spa treatments and instead use our cellulite wrap in the comfort of your home. If you’re busy with work, college or family life it can be difficult to find time to pamper yourself but our firming and tightening wrap is so versatile that you can wear it under your clothes as you go about your schedule and you can even wear it when you sleep
HOW OUR BODY WRAP TREATMENT WORKS – rich in active ingredients including Ginkgo Biloba, our contour wrap directly transfers them to your skin which then stimulates your body, and increases calorific burn. This process tones your skin, giving you a tighten appearance with radiant looking skin
NOT JUST FOR YOUR STOMACH – we have designed our wrap to be worn around the stomach area to give you maximum results. Please note, you can also wear our firming wrap on other problem areas including arms, legs, thighs, hips and buttocks to target cellulite with just one use!
BOOST YOUR CONFIDENCE – if you are self-conscious about your body then don’t worry, our wraps offer a quick fix solution to give you the boost you need to wear your favorite tight dress or swimsuit. If you’re worried about cellulite or want to tone a specific area quickly then our Shape and Tone Body Wrap can target fatty areas directly without the expense of a spa professional

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Made in China

We have South Korea to thank for a range of excellent beauty treatments on the market today including our Body Wrap. Using a mix of sophisticated, natural ingredients our wrap is able to help to loose inches.

When to use

No one will ever have to know when you’re wearing a body wrap as they are extremely discreet and lightweight. You can wear it under clothes at the office, whilst working out at the gym, on the school run, running errands, exercising and even whilst you sleep. It really takes no effort to make your skin look tighter and slimmer.

An ideal gift

Treat a friend or family member to TLC with our firming wrap. Maybe your friend is always on the go, maybe a family member has complained about their cellulite? Brighten someone’s day with our Shape and Tone Body Wrap and see their amazement when it gets to work on targeting their problem areas

BUY NOW and enjoy the benefits of our Shape and Tone body wrap for ultimate body confidence