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Royal Prestige Enlarged Prostate Therapy Cream


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Product Highlights

Natural Formula: Our prostate cream is made from natural herbs. The ingredients are gentle and non-irritating, and the natural herbs help restore a prostate healthy.

Royal Prestige Prostate Cream: Prostate cream helps improve overall prostate health, helps relieve frequent urination and abdominal pain, and helps support healthy urinary function.

Reduces Urination Frequency: Men’s Prostate Cream allows you to get a good night’s sleep. Reduces urine leakage and accidents, relieves urgency, and provides powerful bladder relief to promote prostate care.

Easy to Use: Clean the skin surface of the affected area before use, open the cap and apply to the desired area. Gently massage the affected area with your hand until it is absorbed into the skin, 1-3 times a day.

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Reduce Frequent Urination

Sudden urges to rush to the bathroom can be uncomfortable, embarrassing and downrightinconvenient (especially if in the middle of the night). The good news is that Royal Prestige Saw Palmetto formula relieves those sudden rushes and difficulties, equipping you with maximum control over your prostate and urinary tract. Say goodbye to the struggles and get back in control.

Premium Saw Palmetto & Herbal

Royal Prestige formula is packed with 5 powerful phytonutrients and extracts, including a premium saw palmetto berry extract standardized to contain 45% fatty acids and rich in phytosterols. On top of these essentials, the added standout ingredients Barbadensis Leaf powder, Cucumber and Matricariamake this herbal formula SO much more than you’ll get from a basic Saw Palmetto supplement