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Royal Prestige Up Body Shaping Patch


SKU: cbd6a686c239

Product Highlights

Has helped many people to successfully lose weight

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Has helped many people to successfully lose weight

Easy to use and simple

Healthy and light does not irritate the skin

Helps burn body fat, removes toxins and fat from the intestines

It works with the body’s own endocrine system

Diet Adhesive Pads Burn Fat in Package

By implementing the double-application method which is upgraded from Classic Edition of single application, the wave patterns are formed on the patch surface creating spaces to breath and circulate air throughout. In this way, the skin is less irritated and the effect of ingredient-permeation is enhanced.

Applied with innovative technology of double-application (2-way wave)

Absorption of ingredients promoted and irritation to the skin reduced by circulating the air through the patch achieving significant improvement in quality

Added with 2 patented ingredients for body fat reduction

A technology and a design patent pending

Ergonomic and patented design

The most comfortable and safest slimming patch

Using natural plants and herb extracts as key ingredients

Completed clinical tests as a patch product for the first time in Korea

As thin as 0.4mm, the super-slim patch offers freedom and comfort.

Free of paraben and other harmful substances – safety tested.