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Breathe Buddy Breathing Nasal Dilators Starter Kit


Product Highlights

  • PATENTED TECHNOLOGY – Breathe Buddy is a patented two-part nasal dilator system that features two independent nasal strips (Tabs) and a sturdy, magnetic relief band that work together to open your nasal passages to their widest capacity. Our innovative design provides optimal nasal airflow and a personalized, comfortable fit for each user.
  • COMFORTABLE & DURABLE – Unlike classic nasal strips for snoring, the Breathe Buddy relief band is worn externally and provides relief without relying on the bridge of your nose for support. This approach ensures a more comfortable experience for the user while also providing a more effective, lasting relief than classic nasal strips & nasal spray decongestants.
  • REDUCES SNORING – Breathe Buddy is a safe and effective anti snore device to increase oxygen Breathe Buddy and help relieve nasal congestion. Reduce snoring and improve sleep quality for both you and your partner. Reduce stress and increase energy levels to improve your athletic performance or simply feel more energized throughout the day.
  • SAFE & EFFECTIVE – Breathe Buddy Nasal Dilators can be combined with other sleeping aids like nasal sprays, and neti pots for nasal congestion relief and snoring. Breathe Buddy is a safe, drug free, and latex free breathing aid recommended by doctors worldwide as the most effective anti mouth breathing and anti snoring device available on the market.
  • EASY TO USE – The snoring aid Starter Kits come with all the essentials to start using Breathe Buddy Breathing. It comprises four reusable Breathe Buddy Relief Bands in various sizes to help you find the perfect fit, 15 or 30 pairs of nose breathing strips (Tabs) for single use, and a Magnetic Applicator to apply the tabs quickly.
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