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Bunion Cushions – 5 Each, Pack of 5


Product Highlights

  • ALL-DAY RELIEF: By shielding your bunion from shoe friction and pressure; Soft, gel-like cushions conform to your foot’s shape to provide targeted cushioning and protection
  • THIN AND FLEXIBLE DESIGN: Fit comfortably in any shoe without adding bulk or causing discomfort
  • STAYS IN PLACE: Features a strong adhesive backing that helps them stay in place all day long; Making them ideal for everyday wear, whether you’re wearing sneakers, dress shoes, or heels
  • REDUCES FRICTION AND IRRITATION: Help to prevent further pain
  • EASY TO APPLY: Simply peel off the backing and place the cushion over your bunion
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Tired of bunions? Royal Prestige’s Bunion Cushions are the perfect solution! These soft, flexible cushions provide immediate and all-day pain relief by protecting your bunion from shoe pressure and friction. The thin, flexible design allows for comfortable, multi-day coverage, and the sweat- and water-resistant formula means you can wear them with confidence.


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