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Coconut & Peppermint Oil Pulling with Tongue Scraper


Product Highlights

  • Botanical Story Whitening Pulling Oil is a natural, pre-brush rinse inspired by Ayurvedic wisdom, with lower density than coconut or sesame oil. 
  • This alcohol-free blend contains 100% pure and natural MCT Coconut Oil & Peppermint Essential Oil. Hydrophobic & lipid-inspired, it helps enhance your daily oral care routine & aids in fresh breath.
  • Whitening Pulling Oil aids in saliva production & plaque removal, supporting a brighter smile & fresher breath. It is not a substitute for professional dental care but rather a preventive measure.
  • Pour 10-15ml of oil pulling, swish for 2 minutes with the measuring cup provided, & gradually increase to 10 minutes. Discard the oil into the trash to avoid clogging pipes. Pull on an empty stomach every morning for optimal results.
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Reveal your most dazzling smile naturally with Botanical Story Natural Mouthwash! This Ayurveda-inspired formula is a safe and natural alternative to synthetic chemical mouthwash. It contains only the highest-quality natural ingredients: fractionated coconut oil, peppermint oil, spearmint oil, clove, tea tree oil, cardamom oil, oregano oil, fennel oil, vitamin E, vitamin D, stevia, and vitamin K2

Simply swish in your mouth for up to 10 minutes daily for fresher breath, happier gums, a brighter smile, and a more balanced oral microbiome. Spit oil into the trash can after use, not the drain.


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