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OPTASE Comfort Dry Eye Spray – Eye Spray for Dry Eyes


Product Highlights

  • COMFORT OF DROPS – CONVENIENCE OF SPRAY: For those who struggle with dry eye drops, OPTASE Eye Spray provides dry eye relief, skin hydration, and eye lubrication in an easy to apply, convenient spray
  • MOISTURIZES AND PROTECTS: Made of glycerin and natural ingredients, OPTASE Eye Spray mixes with the natural oils needed to refresh your tears and hydrate your eyes for symptomatic relief and comfort
  • ADVANCED BOTTLE TECHNOLOGY: The innovative two-pump system of OPTASE Comfort Dry Eye spray delivers On the Go convenience in a multi-dose bottle, sterility over 3 months, and 300 doses per bottle
  • PRESERVATIVE FREE: OPTASE Dry Eye Spray is the only product of its kind to provide a preservative free combination of ingredients designed to manage dry eye symptoms for improved comfort and relief
  • COMPLETE DOCTOR RECOMMENDED EYE CARE: OPTASE Comfort Dry Eye Spray is part of the OPTASE expert recommended, 3-step regimen to relieve symptoms of dry eye and naturally maintain ocular health
  • USE AS DIRECTED: Please note this product includes both a manufactured date and an expiration date. Always read the label, warnings, and instructions for use
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