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Opthopatch Kids Eye Patches – Fun Girls Design


SKU: 4e0c61298db9

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Successfully treat numerous children’s eye conditions, including Amblyopia, lazy eye, cross eye, and more with these doctor recommended, hypoallergenic, and extra sensitive adhesive Opthopatch Eye Patches for Kids and Infants! A remarkable yet cool way to treat and alleviate various eye conditions that your child may face.

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Treat your children’s eye conditions with our fun and unique eye patches made for children to fit like a glove so they can get treatment while enjoying the activities they love! And our cool designs for boys and girls make them fun to wear, too!

Made from super comfortable, non-woven cotton fabric that allows kids to feel little to no discomfort while they have it on, and with an extra sensitive adhesive to make sure it remains intact throughout your child’s day.

Our product is latex and thiuram free so your child won’t be exposed to potentially harmful chemicals. Opthopatch eye patches are safe for all skin types including kids with sensitive skin.

Opthopatch eye patches are designed by a family of eye doctors who are dedicated to treating eye conditions in children such as amblyopia, lazy eye, and cross-eye. Each patch has a blackout protection layer to keep the light out.